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Trust good users, deny the bad

Trustkit provides you the tools you need to identify, track, moderate, and ban abusive user accounts, all without impacting your bottom line.

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Trustkit can help you stop:

Feature Abuse

Fake Users


Account Takeovers

Payment Fraud

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Meet Trustkit

Sleep well at night knowing Trustkit is protecting you from bad users 24/7.

Abuse Detection

Out-of the box detection of bots, fake users, and common account abuse patterns, all thanks to the Trustkit community.

Rules Engine

No two apps are the same. Trustkit's custom rule engine lets you define bad user behavior in a way that makes sense for your app.

Moderation Tools

Use our built-in account moderation UI to limit account access or outright ban bad users. White label this interface as part of your app, and seamlessly connect to your customer service platform.

Focused Metrics

Quantify the impact of abusive accounts on revenue and KPIs and discover new sources of bad behavior to secure your app further.

How It Works

1. Integrate

Connect Trustkit to your app using our SDKs. Integration takes 10 minutes.

2. Collect

Trustkit automatically starts collecting data on who is good and who is bad.

3. React

Right out of the gate Trustkit will tell your app when it notices bad users and prompts you to take action.

4. Moderate

Use our moderation interface or API to limit app functionality or outright ban bad users.

Deploy in Minutes

Easily connect Trustkit to your app in minutes using our range of SDKs. Stop bad users now.

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